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How To Design and Install
Underground Lawn Sprinkler Systems

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There are four steps to completing a do-it-yourself sprinkler system:

  1. Consider what parts you want to use. Will the sprinklers be a 12 foot radius or 30 foot? The differences in these two sprinklers will have a profound effect on your irrigation system design;the number of sprinklers, stations and valves.
  2. Look over the information on selecting parts for your sprinkler system, then go to our layout instruction page. The layout is strongly dependent on the parts chosen. Consider the tradeoffs carefully, what seems like a less expensive choice now may cost you a lot more when your water bill comes!
  3. Prepare a parts list and purchase your parts.
  4. The last step is installing the sprinkler system by digging trenches, gluing pipe and fittings, and installing the automatic controller. Check out our installation instructions for helpful information. Also, don't miss our detailed operation and adjustment instructions for many of the products we sell.

If you are lucky enough to have a well to supply water to your system, be sure you visit our well page to find out how to design the system to accommodate your well.

If you are thinking of having an installer put a system in for you, be sure to read our free advice on features to ask about during your bid request meetings.

Need more help? Check out our book selection page!

It would be a real shame to go to all the trouble to install your system, only to find later you used parts so cheap that you have an ongoing maintenance problem, or poor performance. That mistake can cost you anywhere from fifty dollars per year for a very small lot to several hundred dollars a year for a larger lot.

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