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Sites associated with is the web site run by Travis Irrigation to provide access to irrigation parts and information. All of the web pages we own are served with web addresses beginning with "". We do occasionally link to pages on related sites, such as manufacturers of irrigation equipment. All of our shopping cart and ordering system pages are served by PayPal as described below.

Official PayPal SealThe WaterTips site uses PayPal as our payment processing service. All information provided by PayPal is served at web addresses beginning with "" or "" in the case of secure pages. NEVER give your PayPal password to anyone, including WaterTips, and ONLY log in (use your password) at websites beginning with "". Protect yourself against fraudulent websites by checking the URL/Address bar every time you log in. You will never be asked for your password or user information in an email, and in the event you need to contact PayPal, you should always do it by entering either "" or "" into your browser and locating the correct page on the PayPal site to provide the service you need.

Also please note this information from PayPal:

  • PayPal emails will never address you by "Dear PayPal Member" or "Dear PayPal User"
  • PayPal emails will always address you by your first and last name, or the business name associated with the account

WaterTips has also partnered with in order that you can purchase irrigation-related books through their site. When you are ordering books you will be ordering them directly from Amazon.

We will also occasionally link to sites such as irrigation equipment manufacturers in order to provide our visitors with additional information on operation, adjustment, or maintenance of irrigation systems, but we do not own those sites or control their content, we only provide links to them for your convenience.

Contacting You

WaterTips will rarely bother you with email, and we normally do that only in the event something unusual is going on with your parts order. The PayPal payment processing service will send you email confirming your order.

Personal and Billing Information

In order for your payment to be processed, you will need to provide your name, mailing address, and payment information to PayPal during the secure ordering process. WaterTips will never see your billing information, your PayPal password, or security phrase. We will of course use your name and mailing address for the purpose of delivering your order to you. Your mailing information is also provided to shipping firms (usually UPS or FedEx) contracted to deliver your order. We may also give your shipping information to irrigation parts providers we work closely with, but again, we do this only for the purpose of filling your order and delivering your parts to you. This information is not used for marketing, advertising or any other promotional purpose. If you do not already have an account with PayPal, PayPal will ask you to choose a password so that you can securely access your order information at a later time. This password is known only to you and to PayPal, and you should never provide this password to anyone in any form except when you are entering it onto a web page beginning with "".

Are you worried about junk mail or "spam"?

We do not provide any information to firms that engage in distribution of "spam" also known as unsolicited commercial email or junk email. We do not sell your personal information to anyone. We don't give it away to anyone except the firms we work closely with to deliver your parts to you, such as UPS or FedEx, and the firms we work with to drop-ship irrigation parts in the event they are shipped directly from another warehouse. Normally, the only time we will contact a visitor or customer is in reply to a question we have received, or in order to follow up with questions regarding an order, or to inform you of issues regarding availability of parts.

If you have purchased equipment from us, you are welcome to contact us and we will gladly reply with the most thorough and carefully thought-out replies we can provide. It's not that we don't want to talk to you, it's just that we won't be contacting you unless it is necessary or you request it.

We have a web site but...

We're so old-fashioned that we believe in attracting business by providing excellent products and customer service, and we've been doing that in Texas since 1991. Since the beginning of our web-based operations in 1997, we have been on-line to provide low cost access to the highest quality irrigation parts- and we ship them right to your door. We also provide an extensive set of instructions which you will find helpful during your irrigation project.

Want to check up on us?

If you would like to check up on us, you can verify the owner of WaterTips is licensed in Texas by looking us up at the Texas Commission for Environmental Quality at where you can "Search Individual Licensing Information" for Ed Travis using license number "LI0004479".

If you have any questions regarding our privacy or security policy, contact us at for clarification.

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