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Hunter PS Spray Sprinkler Instructions

Aiming the sprinkler using ratchet mechanism:

  1. DO NOT REMOVE THE NOZZLE. The filter screen is accessible from the bottom of the riser.
  2. Ratchet riser (Fig. 1) to align the raised dot on top of each nozzle with what will be the right edge of the spray arc (looking from "behind" the sprinkler).
moving PS ratchet riser

PS arc adjustment

Arc Adjustment:

  1. lnsert the hex end of the Hunter wrench into the stainless steel hex screw and turn the screw counterclockwise to increase the arc. (Fig. 2)

NOTE: The nozzle turns with the screw and both the arc of coverage and the discharge rate are increased. Do not use the Hunter wrench sideways in the spokes to adjust the arc. The flow will not adjust proportionately to the arc.

Radius adjustment

  1. Hold the plastic nozzle stationary by inserting the two pins on the side of a Hunter wrench between any of the nozzle spokes. (Fig. 3)
  2. With a second Hunter wrench, turn the stainless steel hex screw clockwise to decrease, and counterclockwise to increase, the radius and discharge rate.

NOTE: The radius should not be reduced more than 25%. The sprinkler is preset at the factory for maximum radius.

PGM radius adjustment

A complete description of all Hunter PS nozzles is available.

This information was obtained from a publication by
Hunter Industries Incorporated - The Irrigation Innovators

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