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MP Rotator Nozzles


Use the MP Rotator Adjustment Tool for faster, easier adjustments.

MP Rotator Arc Adjustment:

  • Install the MP Rotator with the Left Edge Indicator pointing to left side of the desired watering area.
  • With the water on and the MP Rotator in the pop-up position, rotate Arc Adjustment Ring clockwise to increase the arc, counter-clockwise to decrease the arc.
  • Use the built in ratchet feature to fine tune edge alignment by simply overriding the left or right resistance points in either direction.

MP Rotator Radius Adjustment:

  • The radius can be reduced up to 25% while maintaining a matched precipitation rate. Some models and arcs have physical limits of radius reduction far beyond 25%, however this is not recommended for optimal performance. It takes 2.75 rotations of the tool (or screwdriver) to completely throttle the radius {MP1000 = 2.75 turns, MP3000 = 3.75 turns}. A slip clutch prevents damage if over rotated.
  • The radius adjustment screw reduces the pressure before the nozzle, it does not diffuse a stream. This maintains good performance over the recommended radius reduction range. The effect of radius reduction on uniformity depends on the final radius achieved.
  • With a small flat-blade screwdriver or the MP Rotator Adjustment Tool, rotate the Radius Adjustment Screw clockwise to decrease radius, counter-clockwise to increase radius.

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